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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 17, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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path that president obama has placed us upon? i take that as a no. >> reporter: before the new republican star took the stage it was a round robin for virginia's gop with congressman frank wolf giving a fiery speech and attorney general ken cuccinelli sharing the stage with former democrat and obama pitchman arturo davis because the running mate from wisconsin. >> the problem is too many politicians in washington like president obama have been more worried and concerned about their next election than they have about the next generation. we're not going to stand for that. >> reporter: paul ryan said the president inherited a bad economy but made matters worse. his message he said had turned from hope and change to tachyand blame. then ryan turn -- attack and blame. then ryan turned to medicare. >> there's only one person who treated medicare like a piggy bang and that's president obama. he took $716 billion from that program to create obamacare.
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that affects current seniors and his campaign calls this an achievement. >> reporter: fairfax county democratic chair cesar aguilar gave us the counter position. >> they're talking about vouchers. that's another fancy name for a cue summon. seniors will get a cue -- cue summon. seniors will get a coupon. >> reporter: back inside there were two protesters who shouted something and were escorted out amid loud boos. virginia is a swing state. both sides are hitting hard with business and advertisements. in northern virginia it's the most important place for the vote. here in fairfax county it's one in seven votes in the state of virginia are cast. meanwhile mitt romney is trying to explain the difference between his medicare plan and president obama's, but
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reporters keep mondaying him on his own taxes. tax-- hounding him on his own taxes. >> every year i paid at least 13% and if you add in addition the amount that goes to charity, the number is well above 20%. >> the obama camp wants romney to prove. it the president's campaign manager said the letter promising to back off this issue if romney released five years of returns. the romney campaign said no deal to that. two u.s. servicemen are dead after an afghan police recruit turned against them moments after getting his weapon. the recruit opened fire killing both men. these attacks are on the rise. the taliban says insurgents are infiltrating afghan security with the purpose of killing coalition troops. back at home a herndon teen- ager convicted of attacking animals on multiple occasions. both incidents happened in and around a fairfax county park. on april 26th the teen slashed three horses that were part of the spirit open equestrian program. the second attack happened a
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month later. the teen-ager was found guilty on three felony counts of animal maiming. some women in the takoma park area feeling a little vulnerable, this after reports of a pervert trying to shoot video up a woman's skirt at the metro station. tuesday police say a man 18 to 25 years old pretended he wanted directions, but he continually brushed his book bag against the woman's leg. she tried to get away, but the man kept following her. >> it's scary to think that we live around this and this is going on in my community. >> get this. the same guy apparently tried to do the same thing to the same woman on eastern avenue on wednesday. she looked down and saw a cell phone camera look back up at her through a hole in the bag. police are trying to catch this guy, but the description so far is pretty vague. virginia now confirms two adults in the commonwealth have the west nile virus. 28 people have died from this disease so far this year across the country, but there are
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things we can all do to try and keep our family safe. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in fairfax where you can do a lot to prevent a mosquito bite, first by wearing bug spray and long sleeves and the health department says get rid of standing water. they recommend this, mosquito dunks. get rid of all the standing water for breeding grounds for mosquitoes in your flower pots, kiddie pools and especially your down spouts. tie a string around the down spouts and the mosquito dunk so it doesn't wash away in the rain. the centers for disease control says the west nile virus is spreading faster than ever before because of the mild winter and rainy spring. while there are no human cases of west nile in northern virginia, there are plenty of cases of infected mosquitoes. >> now we're up to about 19 mosquitoes per 1,000 are infected. >> reporter: dr. arias adds the mosquitoes that have killed in texas where they're doing aerial spraying are not the
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same species as the ones here. >> it's never come this way. i don't know why, but i am very glad. >> reporter: in fairfax surae chinn, 9 news now. >> some rainy weather moving into our area this friday. anny hong joins us from the weather center. >> it's really hit or miss with these showers and storms and so for the nats game for now things are looking a lot better where these storms are having a hard time staying organized and together. most of the heavy stuff is north and west of us towards hagerstown, interstate 81 where we did have severe warnings earlier in the day, martinsburg and hagerstown getting pounded pretty good. columbia getting good amounts of showers and maybe a little bit of hail out just in between clarksville and glenn elm. we did see a couple storms west out towards the schenn dough valley where we did see light -- shenandoah valley where we did see lightning strikes associated with these storms. 89 downtown being cooler up
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north and west where the rain has fallen, 60s for hagerstown. tonight we expect partly to mostly cloudy conditions with scattered showers again hit or miss, maybe a couple thunderstorms, lows in the low 60s to low 70s. i've got your full forecast including the much cooler weekend coming up. >> it will building refreshing, thank you. the baltimore raven take to the field against the detroit lions trying to make it two preseason wins in a row. their fans would like it. sports anchor dave owens is live at m and t stadium where kickoff is less than an hour away. hey, dave. >> reporter: how's it going? this is an interesting game tonight because i don't think either one of these teams could care less what the final score of the game happens to be, but the ravens came out of that first atlanta game yesterday with one area of concern, the defensive secondary and the effect they didn't some anybody. they were not good in that game. matt ryan 9 of 13 for 155 yards
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and a touchdown. julio jones had 100 yards receiving in one quarter of work and now the lines come in tonight with guys like matthew stafford who threw for 5,000 yards, 41 touchdowns, calvin johnson, megatron, best receiver in the nfl. so this is certainly going to be a big test for the ravens tonight. they're a veteran team. they don't get spooked by a bad performance but certainly want to play better tonight. some of the goals you can look for, head coach john harbaugh wants his starters to go about a quarter, quarter and a half up to halftime. now back to you in the studio. still to come on 9 news this friday night, how a camera that tracks your shopping habits could get you some deep discounts. >> right after the break how a gutsy car thief walked onto a lot and drove off with a $75,000 ride.
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so it probably shouldn't be this easy to steal a $75,000 car from the dealership. police in l.a. say the man in this surveillance video knew exactly what he was doing. he walked onto the lot playing it cool, met with the salesman and gained his confidence. the crook was interested in a 2008 maserati. he asked for the keys so he could listen to the engine. >> i got the keys from our security department, came back out, gave him the keys. he stood by the vehicle, stood actually right there. the individual started the vehicle, listened to the vehicle and subsequently almost immediately after slammed the car into drive. >> oh, police hope these images caught on camera help them track down the thief. a live look outside right now, stormy weather could be on the way. anny's full weekend forecast is coming up. plus. >> reporter: a punk band is convicted in russia and there are protests popping up all over the world. i'm drew levinson in new york,
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that story coming up.
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hundreds of motorcycles are going through our area this weekend as part of the series of september 11th anniversary event. sky 9 flew over the riders in leesburg a short time ago. this is to support emergency responders and to honor all the victims. tonight the motorcyclists will gather near pentagon. overseas the controversial female punk rock band from
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russia has been sentenced to two years in prison for their song. the women captured international attention when they performed inside a cathedral in moscow. drew levinson has the story. >> reporter: this provocative performance inside moscow's main cathedral in february got the band pussy riot the attention they were after. the three women wore ski masks as they called on the virgin mary to throw russian president vladimir putin out of office. friday a judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred. band members were sentenced to two years in prison as they stood in the glass cage guarded by security officers and dogs. their lawyer says he suspects putin wrote the ruling himself. putin, a former kgb officer, has close ties to the orthodox church. opposition leaders say he's cracking down on dissent and free speech. though this happened in russia, it is getting worldwide
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attention. protests like this one in times square in new york are popping up all over the world. from london to sydney to san francisco, demonstrators dressed like the band members and performed to show their support. >> we're all pussy riot. >> reporter: dozens were arrested. >> this is a good way to open people's eyes to the unfair incarceration of people all over the world. >> reporter: celebrities including paul mccartney and madonna have called on putin to free the band members. the u.s. state department called the sentence disproportionately harsh. the husband of one of the band members says the title of the song they just released says it all. putin is lighting the fires of revolution. >> while the band's defense lawyers say they'll appeal the verdict, although they have little hope it will be overturned. they add under no circumstances will the women themselves ask for a pardon. a baseball fan says he may never be able to watch a game with both eyes ever again. >> my face exploded. i knew what happened instantly.
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i knew i had been hit by the foul ball and i went like this. i couldn't believe the damage. >> keith rawlings was watching a cleveland indians baseball game last month. a foul ball struck him in the head fracturing his eye socket, nose and sinus cavity. now he may never see out of his left eye again and he hopes the indians fork over some cash to help him out with his medical expenses. get ready for another weekend of delays if you're planning to use metro. that's because of track work on the red, orange, blue and green lines. it's going to be slow. buses will replace trains between silver spring and gallaudet university stations and three red line stations will be closed, tacoma, brooklyn and rhode island avenue. ft. totten station will be open for green and yellow line service. so they're telling travelers allow 50 minutes extra of travel time. i think i might need to find a different way to go. >> that's a lot of extra time. >> how about the weekend, though? >> we're looking to be a little
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unsettled at times but not a complete washout at all. that's the good news for both saturday and sunday. it's going to be much cooler. we've got a cold front coming through now. in fact, the showers and storms tonight are going to be kind of few and far between. let's look at our live doppler 9000 hd where you can see most of the heavy activity is still north of town. hagerstown still is getting a lot of rain, yellow indicating more moderate rainfall. you can see around the d.c. area we got some showers trying to make its way in from the west into the beltway. a lot of it will be very lute to moderate as far as activity is -- light to moderate as far as activity is concerned and really scattered. the radar showing we saw most of this come from the north and west and we did have a severe storm earlier in the afternoon towards shenandoah, but now you can see columbia and ellicott city getting really heavy rain right now. rockville and potomac may be getting a little activity as well but not all of it actually
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hitting the ground. our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, cloudy skies and it was hazy, the air quality poor, code orange, unhealthy for sensitive groups. temperature 89, dew points in the low 60s, winds west, southwest around 10 miles per hour. where it's rained it's cooled down very quickly, hagerstown down to 70, frederick 75. you can see the cold front is right here. so behind it we've cooled down. we're still fairly warm, areas around la plata and fredericksburg ahead of that front. so we're expecting some unsettled weather, but it's going to be much cooler this weekend. showers and storms possible tonight, again very hit and miss. saturday morning showers possible, saturday afternoon some sun and some clouds. this whole weekend and next few days will be much cooler and less humid. 9 newt cast, tomorrow morning most of the -- 9 futurecast, tomorrow morning most of the showers will be east of town toward the eastern shore and to the beaches, if you're going to the coast this weekend, could be a bit on the cool side and
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also unsettled. saturday afternoon around the metro area looking at partly cloudy conditions. we should start to clear out by the afternoon, pretty nice but cooler. saturday night, it's going to be nice, the humidity going back down. it may even feel chilly by early sunday morning, some locations bottoming out in the upper 50s by sunday. sunday morning partly cloudy conditions. also an area of low pressure may form giving us a chance for showers later on sunday. tonight partly to mostly cloudy with some showers and storms, better chances south and west of town, lows 61 to 71 degrees. downtown lower 70s, mid-60s for leesburg. here's a look at your next three days. our 9 weather alert code tomorrow is yellow because of chance for morning showers mainly, high 83, more than 10 degrees cooler compared to our high today of 94. sunday still cool, 84, chance for a shower but less humid. monday showers possible, code yellow, high around 83 degrees.
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tuesday 84, wednesday 85 and you notice we have a chance for scattered showers and storms each day. looking at next week thursday and friday back into the mid- and upper 80s. you've got to enjoy this weekend. i know a lot of us like summer weather, but i think this is hint of fall people will gladly take. >> and it stays in the 80s. we'll like that. coming up part of the futuristic world in the movie minority report could be coming to your favorite store.
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there's a new facial recognition camera that tracks your shopping habits via facebook. it's being tested right now and as jessica doyle explains, it
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could mean good deals for you if you're willing to give up some privacy. >> reporter: the future is here, cameras that recognize you and serve up deals. shoppers, meet minority report. >> welcome back to the gap. >> reporter: a new service called face deals uses cameras set up in stores, restaurants and bars, facial recognition matching up your image with profile and pictures on facebook. then it can send you a customized offer from that store, but only if you give it permission first. the service was developed by the marketing firm red pepper which uses this promotional video to take you through it. >> my face is confidently recognized. the deal is set into action. >> reporter: your face is read and then matched up to your facebook like history. then a coupon is sent right to your mobile device. the technology is cool, but the system is raising concerns with privacy experts, something red pepper is very mindful of.
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>> we're not actually going to be pulling all of the data, not to mention applications that we do for retail companies around the country and all that kind of stuff, people allow applications all the time. it's like allow this app and that is essentially saying that we can have access to your network. i think that's sort of a comfort line people are moving toward as long as the information is not misused. >> reporter: face deals uses facebook's open platform but is not otherwise connected to facebook and the face deals logo looks an awful lot like facebook's, but red pepper's ceo says when the cameras are set up in stores, the nape and logo -- name and logo will be different. >> privacy experts say it's one thing to agree to give up your own personal info, but the question is how much other stuff are you exposing and you're not aware of such as the personal information of others like your friends networks,
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their likes, interests, et cetera, keep going. they would like firm answers to those questions as this type of technology evolves. that's our report at 7:00. i'll be back with you tonight at 11:00 with the latest on the weekend forecast and anny and don't forget, you can log on any time to i'm anita brikman. see you later. have a great weekend.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. lady gaga. the bodyguard. the takedown. new video as a fan gets too close. but did the pop star's security go too far? >> there were no weapons. no one yelled gun, knife, bomb. plus, celebrity bodyguards, how much do they cost? and who is responsible for a situation that turns violent? then, hollywood's biggest summer scandals. tom and katie's split. kristen stewart cheating on robert pattinson. plus, a country superstar's naked dwi arrest. >> i just found a guy laying in the road. the ann curry "today" show debacle. >> which is different in our tradition which is to throw one under a


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